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Online football betting website Dummy is a matching card game. In playing, using mind reading and reading cards on the opponent’s hand more than the horoscope, mathematicians or statisticians will have an advantage in rummy competitions. (Or even poker game)

Playing Rummy will take quite a long time. Depending on the number of players,

so in reality General gambler therefore does not like to play this game Because the disadvantage is slower than other games, such as bouncing pops which have a spin interest cycle

Fun things in rummy card games In addition to the competition in the normal game is eating dark or dark Knock, which has a psychological effect in the game as well. There are many rummy games.

The most popular model in Thailand is Dummy Rummy or Thai people called “Dummy” and with our website developed to the utmost ability, we want to facilitate you to enjoy, which we have developed both the appearance and color

Designed to be modern Can be used easily, not complicated, more convenient for users to be comfortable,

answer to the modern More convenient carrying with just one mobile phone

You can play the game. Rain, thunder, flood, or storm I believe that you will not miss the important points of the game competition. Never miss a call Importantly, watching games that are betting closely, multiply, fun, more exciting, more exciting, we still insist on the confidence in the application system.

We have developed for you to choose to play at your convenience all the time. Let’s see the dummy rules.

After the cards are dealt The remaining cards are the drawing The dealer’s turn to the top card and place it next to the draw.

 The card is considered a community card for discarding. The first player to draw one card from the draw. Or collect cards from the center pot (read “Collecting cards” below),

after which one card is dropped, placed next to the community card for the next player. When throwing cards onto the midfield

Arrange them in a row so that each card can be seen dropped in order when it comes to the next player’s hand. Players choose whether to draw from the draw or collect cards from the midfield. Then discarding one card which is placed next to the community card for the next player.

And circling until either of the players “knock” or finish the game, the goal is Each player will try to arrange cards in sets of at least three cards, each set that must be

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